Hillsborough NC Lawn Mower Repair

When you’re ready to get some lawn work done, you’re ready. But sometimes your lawn mower isn’t.  

First, you’ve got to figure out what the problem is, which is difficult when you’re not an expert, so you end up having to try several things. And that usually means buying several parts. While you’re doing all of that, you suddenly ask yourself how long has it been since you were able to mow your lawn? Or you could take it to a repair technician. But that can be expensive and nerve-wracking, and you may not even know how you’re going to get your lawn mower to them.  

We started Mobile Mower Techs so you’d never have to worry about either of those things again. Hillsborough residents like you can enjoy the most reliable lawn mower repair without even having to leave their homes. Just call, and then do whatever other things you need to do while we take care of the mower. 

We perform all mower services wherever you, or your mower, are. If it’s at home, at your business, or in a yard down the street because you were helping a neighbor, we’ll be there to take care of it. We’ll bring all the necessary equipment and parts to repair or replace whatever is causing your lawn mower problems so we only need to make one trip. We also work with a wide variety of small engine appliances, so feel free to reach out about those too.  

Calling Mobile Mower Techs 

Mobile Mower Techs is a locally owned and operated business founded in 2003. From day one, we focused on providing quality service with each customer interaction. During your call, we collect the information we need to arrive onsite with the parts it will take to repair your lawn mower.  

Our technicians have more than 24 years of experience repairing lawn mowers and other small engine appliances. During that time, we’ve seen everything, so there is no issue you can throw at us that we can’t address. Each member of our team is also polite and professional, so working with us is a breeze from start to finish. 

Maintenance Services 

We also provide mobile maintenance services to keep your lawn mower from breaking down in the first place. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp and everything in working order with just a call to us.  

Our popular mower express service package includes blade sharpening and balancing, filter cleaning, battery testing, spark plug cleaning, gapping, and replacement, and more. Servicing your mower at the start of each mowing season will help you keep a healthier lawn and prevent future breakdowns. You read that correctly. Mower blades play an important part in the health of your lawn.  

Repair Services 

We can service just about any brand of push or riding lawn mowers. Some of the most common things we handle are fuel supply issues, voltage regulators, broken pull cords, belt replacements, and carburetors.  

Internal engine and transaxle repair are not included. They can only be handled by a dealer repair facility. Feel free to contact us with anything else! We’ll work quickly and reliably so you can take care of your mowing as soon as possible. 

Mobile Mower Repair in Hillsborough 

We’ve been serving customers in Hillsborough and surrounding areas for years, garnering a reputation for incredible customer service. If you have a broken lawn mower or would like to take advantage of our maintenance services, call us or message us today to schedule your appointment. We can often arrive on the same day! 

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