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Lawnmower repair may seem like a DIYers dream. How hard can it be to find a YouTube video, order some parts online, and get to work fixing this carburetor? However, lawn mowers are large pieces of equipment that are much more complicated than they may initially seem to the average homeowner. It can be difficult to diagnose lawn mower issues, causing many at-home repair attempts to be a waste of hundreds of dollars that doesn’t even solve the problem. Avoid all of the hassles and call your local Holly Springs, NC team of mower repair experts at Mobile Mower Techs to take advantage of our professional, on-site repair services.

At Mobile Mower Techs, we strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction. We know the hassle of driving all over town trying to repair your lawn mower and that’s exactly what motivated us to offer our on-site services, wherever you need us. Since launching in 2003, we have experience repairing broken mowers of all types, including push and riding mowers.

Mobile Mower Techs Mission

Our commitment to our customers and providing high-quality repair services are at the forefront of everything we do at Mobile Mower Techs. We strive for full transparency with our customers, so you’re never faced with a surprise bill or unnecessary repairs. We want to make you a repeat customer and we do so by offering services you can trust.

As a locally owned business, our goal is to serve the community of Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding areas with the most efficient and affordable lawn mower care available. We have put together a team of experts with over 24 years of lawn mower repair experience to diagnose and repair almost any mower issues on-site with our extensive set of equipment.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Mobile Mower Techs offer multiple packages of services so you can choose the option that best fits your needs. We offer many basic one-off maintenance services including mower blade sharpening, oil changes, and general tune-ups for rattling engines. If your lawnmower needs a bit of love and you don’t have time to give it, call us today about one of our maintenance services.

For general upkeep, our express service package is popular with customers across Holly Springs and the surrounding communities. This package includes spark plug replacement, filter cleaning, mower blade sharpening, battery testing, and a few other basic maintenance services that will ensure your lawn mower is running at its best. This package is one of our most efficient and affordable offerings for those customers looking to hit all the basics for a great price.

Mower Repairs

Our team of experts has specialized in the repair of mowers and other large outdoor equipment since day one. Our technicians have a combined experience of over 24 years fixing lawn mowers of all types, including push and riding mowers. They also service other small, 4-cycle engine equipment, including generators or pressure washers. We have seen almost everything so we can easily diagnose the issue you are having and repair it on-site with our work truck full of equipment. From tire replacement to voltage regulators, we know our stuff when it comes to lawn mower repair.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to repair internal engines or transaxles. These types of repairs should always be done at the dealer’s facility. 

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