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When you set aside time to mow your lawn, you feel motivated to get it done. A malfunctioning or poorly performing lawnmower can wreck your plans. 

Lawnmowers don’t make great jobs for DIYers. They’re hard to diagnose, which means you may have to make several trips to the store to get parts before you figure out which parts actually fix the problem. You could take it to a repair technician, but that can be expensive and time-consuming, and you have to be able to get it to the technician. 

That’s why we started Mobile Mower Techs. Lawnmower repair and maintenance can be a breeze for the residents of Pittsboro, NC.

Working With Mobile Mower Techs

Since we began this business in 2003, we’ve prioritized exceptional customer service, so every job is handled professionally, courteously, and effectively. And we come to you (or your lawnmower), whether that’s at home, at your business, or on your neighbor’s lawn. When you call us, we ask the necessary questions to know which tools and parts to bring to fix your problem, so it gets handled right away. 

We also provide maintenance services to prevent the need for repairs and to help you maintain your healthiest lawn. Did you know the height of your mower blades and how sharp they are greatly impact the health of your grass? You’ll also get better performance and a longer lawnmower lifespan.

We can repair any lawnmower problem that can be fixed (except for internal engines and transaxles that have to be repaired by a dealer), and we repair other small engine appliances. In our collective 24+ years of lawnmower and small appliance repair, we’ve seen just about everything, so we can accurately diagnose and fix the problem the first time.

Our Maintenance Services

We offer a range of maintenance packages to cover everyone’s needs and budget, so you can get basic touch-ups to address more individual issues. Our express service package is our most popular option. With it, you get filter cleaning and changing, blade sharpening, blade balancing, spark plug cleaning, and gapping, battery testing, tire inflation, and greasing, if needed. These services are performed at your location, making them effortless and quick for you. We recommend you do this just before mowing season starts so your lawn mower is in tip-top shape, but there’s never a bad time to get started.

Our Repair Services

We service push, walk-behind, riding, and commercial mowers of all brands. Repairs include fuel supply issues, broken pull cords, carburetor replacement, voltage regulators, tire replacement, belt replacement, electrical issues, light welding to fix deck issues, and more. Because of our simple phone diagnostic process, we can provide you with an initial estimate on the phone and arrive prepared to fix the problem quickly. You can send a photo in text messages to make the diagnosis even easier. A broken lawnmower is a major inconvenience, but repairing it doesn’t have to be. 

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Lawnmower repair used to be a major hassle, and maintenance was rarely even considered. If you need lawnmower repair in Pittsboro or want to make sure your lawnmower is in good shape, we are the most cost-effective, effortless, and reliable option available, making lawnmower care easy to obtain. We are often able to make same-day appointments, so call or message us to get started. 


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