Annual Maintenance

Tune-ups include sharpening and balancing blades, changing and disposing of oil, cleaning air filters and spark plugs, inspecting belts / cables / fuel filters, lubricating fittings and wheels, tightening loose connections, inflating tires, testing battery condition, deck adjustments and an overall inspection of the engine and mower deck (these services vary depending on type, make and model).

Residential push mower - $94.95 plus tax

Commercial push mower - $149.95 plus tax

Residential riding mower -  $209.95 plus tax

Commercial riding mower - $224.95 plus tax

Repair Work

Repairs include deck and drive belts, cables, wheels, tires, tire tubes, blades, carburetors, pull cords, overhead valve adjustments, spindles and bearings, alternators, voltage regulators, flywheel keys, fuel supply issues, electrical issues and other miscellaneous repairs.

We do not provide internal engine and transmission work such as valve jobs, piston rings, main seals and crankshaft replacement.

Price is based on the job, not by the hour.  Estimates can usually be given with a detailed description and mower or engine model information.

Service call and diagnostic fee - $69.95 plus sales tax

Repairs and parts plus sales tax