The Best Equipment for Unwanted Snow

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How you deal with unwanted snow can make a big difference in how troublesome it is. There are a lot of options out there to deal with snow, so this post will explain how to make the most of them.

Snow Throwers VS Snow Blowers

These names are not interchangeable. They offer different features and are intended for different uses.

A snow thrower will be best suited to the average homeowner. These machines are smaller and less expensive. They come in a single-stage model and throw the snow away from walkways and sidewalks.

A snow blower is bigger and more expensive. They come in second and third-stage models, which take the snow through more steps before throwing it farther away. These machines are best for the heaviest snow and larger areas like parking lots and expansive driveways.


Loaders are equipment that is not designed specifically for snow removal but can be used for that purpose. Skid steers, backhoes, wheel loaders, and UTVs fall into this category. You will probably need to purchase an attachment to make these machines remove snow.

Snow Removal Tools

Ice Scrapers

Most of us probably have at least one of these to remove snow from the windshields of our vehicles. Small ones can be stored in your glove compartment. Larger ones will be the easiest to use as they have telescoping handles that make it more comfortable for you to reach everywhere you want to scrape. Some ice scrapers also have a brush to help you get snow and loose bits of ice you’ve scraped off of your windshield. Bigger ice scrapers can be kept in your trunk or under your seat.

Snow Shovel

Snow shovels help you clear walkways and driveways. Choose an ergonomic snow shovel to make the job easier on your body. This job is tougher than it looks. Flat blades help you tackle deeper snow, and round blades are best for scooping up snow and tossing it away. There are plastic snow shovels that make handling lighter snow less of a chore, but metal snow shovels are needed for heavy snow.

You can also spend more money on reduced physical labor by purchasing a snowcaster (a wheeled snow pusher).

Snow Rake

Snow rakes are used to remove snow from roofs. This is necessary for flat roofs or those with low slopes so snow doesn’t form damaging ice dams. Snow raking is recommended after getting 6 inches of snow.

Ice Melt

Ice melts are substances you can place on ice and snow to make accumulation less successful and easier to remove and to melt already accumulated ice and snow. The most common ice melt is rock salt, but there are alternatives. Different ice melts have different pros and cons, but all of them are gentler on pavement than machinery.

Salt Spreader

Salt spreaders are like wheelbarrows for spreading salt in larger areas. You can push them by hand or attach them to a vehicle.

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