Tips for Buying a New Mower

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A new lawnmower makes a great Christmas gift for your lawn-obsessed loved ones. A properly maintained lawn not only improves the look of your property but gets you outside and enjoying nature. If you’re looking to purchase a new lawnmower as a Christmas gift this year, check out some of our tips below to make sure you choose the best option.

Consider Your Yard

When purchasing a lawnmower, one of the most important factors to consider is that of your yard, including both the size and terrain. First, consider how large your yard is to determine whether a push mower is a good option for you. Most lawnmowers weigh close to 100 lbs., so if your yard is particularly large, mowing the whole thing with a push mower will be time-consuming and tiring. You may want to consider a self-propelled or rider mower to save you some time and effort. If your yard is small, you can likely save some money on a push mower.

If your yard is particularly bumpy or has uneven batches, a self-propelled mower is a good option to keep things moving. If you are working on a lot of hills, look for a rear-wheel-drive mower to help power you up those inclines. A front wheel mower can handle some hills, but if you are bagging grass while you mow, it significantly reduces the power of the front wheels and can make the job much more difficult.

Price vs. Durability

It’s always great to get a good deal but when it comes to lawnmowers, the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true. Lawnmowers come with a wide range of price tags, with push mowers coming in anywhere between $200 and $600. While you may be tempted to save some cash and go with the cheapest option, keep in mind that this will also be the lowest quality option with the least amount of features.

Choosing a higher price mower will likely mean long-term durability and a mower that lasts you for many years to come. Investing in your mower will mean fewer repairs and replacements during its lifetime. It is also helpful to research whether your mower offers readily available replacement parts so you can continue to use your mower as wear and tear breakdown commonly used parts.

Mower Style Options

As we mentioned above, there are a few different styles of lawnmowers that you can choose from depending on your circumstances and preferences. When choosing your style of mower, make sure it will be comfortable for whoever is using it for an extended period of time.

If your walk-behind mower is not adjustable in height, verify that it is tall enough to stand up straight comfortably while using. If you are purchasing a riding mower, make sure the seat is comfortable yet firm so that it can be sat in for long periods of time while still operating the mower.

Optional Features

Lawnmowers can come with a variety of options and features that may be beneficial to you, depending on your circumstances. Do your research on both the mower and the person you are buying for to know what features for your situation.

Features that you may want to be included with your mower could include bagging the grass, mulching, or doing both simultaneously. Also, look at the starter options on various mowers. The traditional pull cord can be difficult and add unnecessary time to your yardwork so consider a mower with an electric start. Features like these will increase the cost of your lawnmower but may be worth it to you.

Ask An Expert

While doing your own research is helpful, ultimately asking a mower expert is going to provide you with the best advice on what kind of mower to purchase this holiday season. They will be familiar with all of the various brands, the benefits of different features, and can assess your yard to offer their best recommendation. If you’re looking for some guidance in purchasing a new lawnmower this Christmas, contact us today at Mobile Mower Techs, and we’d be happy to lend a helping hand.