Protect Your Lawn in Extreme Heat

Gardener Using Electric Mower - Mobile Mower Techs

The extreme heat of North Carolina summers can be particularly brutal on our lawns and our mowers. The lawn mowing experts at Mobile Mower Techs compiled a list of tips to keep you safe, your lawn healthy, and your mower in optimum condition.

For Your Lawn

  • As things dry out mid-summer don’t forget to raise your cutting height at least half an inch to keep your lawn from burning up. Dry, hot weather puts stress on our lawns, and cutting too low gives grass less opportunity to recover. A sharp blade never hurts either.

For Your Mower

  • Air-cooled engines rely on airflow to keep from overheating. In these hot temperatures be sure to keep your engine’s cooling fins free of debris. Also, clean or replace your air filter as necessary to keep your mower running well through these hot days.
  • Friction builds heat and this time of year we don’t need any more of that. Grease your spindles and axle periodically to prolong the life of your mower’s parts. Lithium grease or products like WD-40 can be used anywhere you have moving metal on metal parts. A few minutes of prevention can go a long way in protecting your equipment.

For You

  • Our technicians are in this heat for hours on end. Hydration is key to staying focused and healthy. Be safe out there while mowing and be sure to take breaks to rehydrate. Everyone wants to get their yard mowed and get back in the AC, but in addition to your equipment, take care of yourself. Stay safe.

Contact Mobile Mower Techs

If you need help cleaning or replacing the air filter on your mower or greasing your spindles and axle, contact us to schedule a mobile service appointment today. Our mower technicians provide prompt, professional service and repair to mowers throughout central North Carolina. No need to load up your mower and haul it to a shop. Allow us to come to you wherever you are! Call (919) 821-0033 to be added to our schedule.