Weeds That You’ll Want to Keep in NC

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Weeds tend to get a bad rep. If you aim for a perfect lawn, they may seem like a nuisance. But the reality is that weeds can often be beautiful or attractive plants that can add interest to your yard, especially when they flower or bloom. 

If you prefer a weed-free yard, providing it with proper care and maintenance will keep most weeds at bay. This includes watering, fertilizing, and aerating the soil regularly and keeping it mowed to its ideal height. However, keep reading if you want to learn about some weeds that may add some color and intrigue to your yard this summer in North Carolina.

Carolina Geranium

This adorable weed is a member of the geranium family. Carolina geranium traditionally grows to just over two feet tall and features fuzzy green leaves and white or pinkish-purple flowers. They may bloom individually or in clusters but are tiny and delicate.

Carolina geranium can grow under many conditions, making it very common in all sorts of yard types. It is not picky about the type of soil or the amount of sun it receives. Its root system is shallow, so this one can easily be pulled out by hand if you decide to remove it.


Bindweed is such an attractive weed that it is often mistaken for a flower, specifically the morning glory. It is related to the morning glory, but as it grows, it extends vines around nearby plants that can potentially strangle them. They also have thinner leaves and smaller flowers than morning glories. However, the pink and white funnel-shaped flowers can be stunning when they bloom.

Bindweed can spread quickly across your yard and normally grows close to the surface. Its invasive vines will reach out to grab whatever they can to continue its expansion. In addition to killing plants, it can also damage pathways, patios, and wooden decks as it continues its aggressive growth journey.

If your bindweed has gotten out of control, you can cut it back to the root, but it will grow back. Repeated trimming will weaken the root and cause it to die. Traditional eradication methods also include pouring boiling water directly on the roots to kill them.

Evening Primrose

The evening primrose is a fascinating weed with flowers that open during the evening and close with the rise of the sun. They feature colorful leaves with red tips and bright yellow flowers that have a hint of lemon in their scent.

Evening primrose spreads using its rhizomes and seeds, making it very difficult to get rid of. Its roots extend deep and break easily, so it is difficult to pull. It grows under many conditions and soils. If you have evening primrose in your yard, it may be best to embrace it as you will constantly be battling it into submission if not.


Henbit gets its name from its popularity among chickens as a tasty snack. With an orchid-like shape, the flowers of the henbit are red and purple with a detailed pattern of spots. Its dark green or purple stems and leaves also feature tiny white hairs.

Henbit spreads using seeds, with up 2000 produced by each plant. If you plan to remove, make sure you remove the entire plant, including the root. Henbit also struggles without sun, so blocking it from sunlight may also be a successful eradication method.

Black Medic

The black medic weed may surprise you with its bright yellow flowers, but it is actually named after the small, black seed pods that grow after flowers mature. Black medic can extend vertically up to two feet tall and does not root deeply. It features oval-shaped leaves in varying shades of green, topped with clusters of compact yellow flowers.

Because black medic does not root deeply or widely, it is easy to pull out by hand if it gets out of control. If you find black medic in your yard, it is often a result of compacted soil, so a few aeration sessions should also get rid of it, if desired.

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