What Height Should You Leave Your Grass For Winter?

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When our lawns start to turn brown and the winter approaches, we start to put lawn care on the back burner, thinking the grass has no more needs until spring. But there are several things it needs, and one of them is to be left at a height that protects it from foragers.

How Long Does Grass Grow?

Most grasses will grow as long as temperatures remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it may not be as noticeable, but your grass is getting taller after you put the lawn mower away.

Not continuing to mow your lawn is negative for two reasons.

For one, when you mow your lawn, you encourage it to thicken and grow wider rather than taller. This will make it a less favorable spot for weeds to grow.

The second reason is that when it is taller, it is more advantageous for fall and winter foragers of the insect and furry varieties to nibble on when other food is scarce. When they eat it, it becomes more at risk for disease, bacteria, and snow mold.

How Long Should Grass Be In Winter?

When you cut your grass for the last time, what length should you cut it to? The exact answer will depend on your type of grass. They all have ideal heights. The general rule is to mow it to a height on the shorter side of its ideal height range when you mow it for the last time of the year. It will probably be between 2 and 2 and a half inches.

How to Mow Grass to a Certain Height

Your lawn mower blades can be adjusted to various heights. You should change this as needed to make sure you are cutting your grass to the height that is best for its health and beauty.

Should You Fertilize in the Fall?

Since you still need to mow, you may be wondering if you still need to fertilize. The answer is yes. Grass typically grows its root system in the fall, and when you fertilize your lawn during that time, you are giving it nutrients to help it build a stronger root system. This will help it better endure the winter and thrive in the coming year.

Choose a winter fertilizer for cool-season grasses and a spring fertilizer for warm-season grasses.

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A huge part of maintaining a healthy lawn is maintaining well-running lawn equipment. Dull, broken blades damage the grass and leave it prone to disease. If you don’t want to or can’t do the maintenance yourself, we’ll be happy to come to you to take care of all of your lawn mower maintenance and repair needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.