Why Regular Mower Maintenance Matters

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A reliable lawn mower is important for keeping your lawn in pristine condition. Routine maintenance improves your mower’s efficiency and saves you time and money. Mobile Mower Techs offers regular maintenance plans to keep you covered. Here’s why maintenance is important for your mower:

Enhancing Performance

Keeping your lawn mower in good shape ensures it cuts grass cleanly and evenly. This promotes healthier grass growth and a more attractive lawn.

Preventing Major Breakdowns

Routine checks can help catch possible issues early, preventing costly repairs and downtime during peak mowing season.

Extending Equipment Life

Regular care reduces wear and tear on your mower, significantly extending its lifespan and ensuring it serves you well for many years.

Common Maintenance Tasks

To keep your lawn mower running smoothly, incorporate these tasks into your routine upkeep:

Oil Changes

Much like a car, your lawn mower’s engine needs fresh oil to run smoothly. Regular oil changes reduce friction and prevent overheating. Check your mower’s manual for recommended intervals.

Blade Sharpening

Sharp blades are necessary for a clean cut. Blades that are dull tear the grass, leading to a ragged look and making your lawn more susceptible to pests and diseases. Blades should be sharpened at least once a season.

Air Filter Replacement

A clean air filter is needed for efficient engine performance. Replace the air filter at least once a season or more often if you mow in dusty conditions.

Spark Plug Inspection

The spark plug ignites the fuel in your mower’s engine. Regularly inspect and replace it if it shows signs of wear to prevent starting problems and maintain performance.

Cleaning the Deck

Clippings from grass and debris can accumulate under the mower, affecting performance and causing rust. Clean the deck thoroughly after each use to keep your mower in top condition.

Checking the Fuel System

Old or contaminated fuel can cause engine issues. Replace old fuel with fresh gasoline at the start of each mowing season. Using a fuel stabilizer can keep the fuel fresh if the mower will be stored for a long period.

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