Changing Oil in Your Mower

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Let’s be honest, if your mower isn’t working as it should, it is pretty much useless. Have you ever tried to use a lawnmower that isn’t functioning like it is supposed to? It’s more than a hassle, it’s actually nearly impossible.

You want to keep your lawnmower in the best shape possible at all times. One of the best ways to do this is to keep its oil fresh and changed on schedule. However, some people don’t know when to change the oil in their mowers. Others don’t even know how to change the oil when the time has come. It’s a complicated process, of course, and each mower is different. However, finding out when and how to change the oil in your mower isn’t as hard as some people imagine.

When To Change the Oil in your Mower

This is the most pressing question and the one that everyone needs to know. However, it ultimately varies by the make and model of your mower. Typically, the best way to determine when you should change the oil in your mower depends on the manual that comes with your machine.

Each engine manufacturer is different and recommends different settings and timetables for oil changes. This can range anywhere from 25 to 100 hours.

Regardless of the specific number of hours recommended for an oil change, nearly every manufacturer says that you should change the oil in your mower at least once a year, no matter how much you are using it.

There are other good rule-of-thumb specifications about lawnmowers to bear in mind. For instance, the oil should be changed after the first five hours of operating. That’s because small issues and imperfections can develop during the manufacturing process at the factory.

When the lawnmower is first used, these imperfections are ground off and the shavings from them end up in the oil of the machine. Changing the oil after just five hours will eliminate these shavings and prevent them from doing any damage to your mower.

How to Change the Oil in your Mower

The first step in changing the oil in your lawnmower is getting it warmed up. To do this, just let it run for about sixty seconds. After turning off the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire to make sure your lawnmower doesn’t accidentally fire up while you’re working. Use a towel to clean the oil and dirt from the dipstick shaft, then remove the dipstick.

After that first step, you need to drain the oil. You do this by unscrewing the oil plug counterclockwise until the oil can pour out. Empty the oil from the mower and into an oil-safe container where you will store it for later.

Then you are going to replace the oil filter. First, you need to find the filter on your mower and twist it counterclockwise to remove it. Look at the filter for any dirt or debris and clean it all off. Lubricate the clean sealing gasket with new engine oil and once it looks clean, place the new oil filter in the filter adapter and screw it into place.

Following this, pour the recommended amount of oil directly into the hole where the oil filter plug goes. Once the new oil is inside your mower, replace the oil fill plug and pull the dipstick back out to make sure the oil level is correct. Following that, the oil changing process is complete and your mower is ready to be used once again.

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