Winterizing Your Equipment

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It is essential to maintain your lawn mower like you would your car or other gas-powered equipment. There are special precautions you should take to maintain your power equipment in colder weather, such as a two-cycle engine running effectively. This article will share some tips on winterizing your two-cycle engine when it’s time to store it for the season.

Winterizing Your Two-cycle Engine

Here are some basic steps you should follow to winterize your 

Stabilizing The Fuel

If you leave gasoline tanks over the winter, the gasoline will degrade, leaving deposits and varnish build-up, which will block the fuel system. 

To solve this problem, you need to drain the fuel system or use a fuel stabilizer. We recommend you drain fuel from tools with two-cycle engines like string trimmers, blowers, chainsaw, and hedge trimmers. 

The first step in draining the fuel system is to pour the gasoline out of the tank into a gas can. Once you have pumped the primer bubble a few times, start the engine and let it run until all the leftover fuel is gone.

Maintaining Spark Plugs

Getting your engine started is dependent mainly on the spark plugs. You cannot start your vehicle without them, so maintaining them is vital. They get dirty as you repetitively use the engine. To remove the grime, you need a socket wrench. Spray brake spray cleaner on the large ends and then scrub them with a wire brush to remove black carbonized bits.

Applying a light coating of two-cycle oil will help reduce oxidation and rusting at the ground terminal at the bottom of the plug. By placing a few drops of oil in the spark plug hole, you can also protect the piston and cylinder. Now you can re-install your spark plug to your engine. 

Inspect Air Filters

A dirty air filter clogs motors, causing them to perform slower and heat up more than they should. You can wash most foam filters with a bit of Dawn dishwashing liquid along with warm water if the filter gets dirty. 

Remember, however, that you should replace a dirty or deteriorating filter instead of cleaning it or washing it. Additionally, you should check the fuel lines. 

Replace or sharpen the chainsaw chain as needed

There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out a chainsaw when you need to cut up a fallen limb and find that the chain is dull or, worse yet, broken. That’s why it’s smart to sharpen or replace the chain before putting your saw away for storage.

Special Tips to Follow 

Here are some additional tips that you should follow when winterizing your equipment. 

  • If possible, you should store your lawn equipment indoors. A tarp can protect them if you need to store them outside.
  • Spark plugs should be cleaned carefully. 
  • Old oil should be disposed of properly. To perform this task, you can go to a local service station or recycling center. 
  • Ensure the lawn equipment is safe while it’s being stored because mice and vermin can chew through wires and make nests on your machines.

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These tips will help you to winterize your two-cycle engine. Not only that but all your outdoor equipment should be winterized before it gets cold. With some essential maintenance and care, all your outdoor power equipment can last for many years. When preparing your equipment for storage, you should perform these preventive maintenance procedures.

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